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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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93 on september 11th. tough road to creating this meaningful monument. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 a rainy day crest noose a rainy night. whether you're in center city or anywhere else in the philadelphia area today, you saw rain and a whole lot of it. we got so much rain today that we were under a flash flood watch which continues right now. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight foreign eighty seven. >> i'm lucy noland. the end is in sight, thank goodness, but we're to the there yet. we did need the rain. let's go straight to chief meteorologist scott williams for a look at the night ahead. >> that's right, dawn and lucy. we still have several more hours of the heavy rain to get through and things will start to let up. take look at ultimate doppler root now. we are looking at more steady rain moving back toward the philadelphia area as well as the i-95 corridor. so take look at what's happening right now. where you see the yellow and the
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orange that's the intensity level the highest in around the norristown area moving toward pottstown also around the west pike lapped area still looking at really heavy rainfall. rainfall rates here one to 2-inches per hour but as we move into the center city area, it's a damp and dreary commute. you can see that rain continues to move back in outside of our studios here at fourth and market. you can see those windshield wipers going. the streets are wet. so allow some extra travel time if you're stepping outdoors as we are still dealing with that rain moving in as we move into sections of delaware, also back into south jersey, you saw a little bit of a lull, but that action continues to move right back in. in around the philadelphia area, anywhere from about one to 3-inches officially at the philadelphia international airport almost an inch of rainfall but you can see northeast philly almost 3-inches of rain and then in sections of central delaware, over 4.5-inches of rain. so coming up we'll talk much more about when everything moves out and the temperature changes ahead behind this system. back to you.
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>> all right, scott, thank you. be sure to track the changing weather on fox luke at life radar images and get weather alerts for your neighborhood. just click the link near the bottom right of our home page. we are staying on top of breaking news off the atlantic city coast tonight. that's where the faa says a single engine plane crashed into the ocean. it happened just before 3:00 o'clock this afternoon about 20 miles southeast of atlantic city. authorities say the aircraft was a mooney m20 plane headed from gaylord, michigan to atlantic city international airport. no word yet on how much people were on board or what caused the crash. of course, we will continue to keep you updated. developing right now man going after women in a philadelphia neighborhood. two reports of sexual assaults only blocks away hours apart. news of those attacks now has many others looking over their shoulders. fox 29's dave schratwieser is following the investigation, he's at police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police say the description of the suspect in both of these instance social
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security very similar and the attacks took place about two-tenth of a mile apart from each other. tonight investigators from the special victims unit are looking for clues they hope will lead them to the suspect. >> need to get this mess off the street in broad daylight. >> region burgess and members of the west germantown congregation of freedom hall are sticking together as they visit neighborhoods in germantown after two sexual assaults here just blocks away from each other on the same day. >> it's scary because, you know, it's not older people, younger people, and it's happening in the daytime and at nighttime. >> it doesn't really scare me but it makes me very very aware of my surroundings and everything. >> reporter: police say the attacks started tuesday afternoon around 3:45 when a 27-year-old woman was walking on the 5400 block of wakefield street. she was dragged into an alleyway and sexually assaulted. >> the individual does the same thing in both instances. he approaches the females from behind. once he grabs them he pulls them in an alleyway in one incident, a driveway in the other and
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committed sexual assault against those young ladies. >> reporter: less hasn't five hours a man fitting the same description grabbed a 19-year-old woman on east locust avenue dragged her into a driveway and sexually assaulted her. >> this individual is bold. he acted in the afternoon 3:30 in the another november in one incident and 8:30 at night it's not late. >> grown people walk the street, how much a little child. >> reporter: police check surveillance cameras in the area and beefed up patrols. neighbors here say they will be extra careful until this suspect is off the streets. >> these are some of the things that happen in our community. happen all over the world. >> keep aware are of these things and inform our neighbor and children and families. this happens all the time. >> reporter: now police are urging women to travel in pairs, not to wear their headphones when they're out walking, and not to be texting when they're walking. they also are looking for surveillance video in the area hoping to capture images of the suspect. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. a citywide drug sweep is
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still going on here in philadelphia. but narcotics officers already have a lot to show from this big day. teams of officers have been serving search warrants on dozens of suspected drug deale dealers. they're focusing on heroin but found a whole lot more so far. along with hundreds of baggies of heroin and cocaine. police used hand guns, rifles, cash all kinds of drug parafrenal yann they're still serving those warrants a night. pope francis' historic visit to philadelphia is now just 16 days away. city officials are putting the finishing touches on the logistic needed to make the all go off without a hitch. >> dan we got birds eye view of security and site lines for the massive events on the ben franklin parkway and city officials are promising both will meet with your approval. let's see. bruce gordon just back from a city hall briefing and joins us now in studio. bruce? report roar we will see. for lot of folks, these may be the two most important questions of the big papal weekend. how easy it will to be get on to the parkway and what will i see once i get there? well arc
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newly released dvd from the u.s. secret service gives us some semblance of answers. jumbotrons will be set up along the left inner lanes of the parkway as you face the staging area in front of the art museum. that of course to help those without tickets who may be many blocks away from the live action and 16 separate security checkpoints each with multiple metal detectors will surround that secure zone. mayor nutter says the secret service has assure him that's enough to get folks on to the parkway in an orderly fashion especially since some of them will begin arriving many, many hours ahead of time. >> they'll be there 6am folks. other people may still be asleep so they'll be the 10:00 a.m. folks or the 2:00 p.m. crew. so it's kind of more of a steady thing but they'll be -- it will take awhile and backup depending on how many people show up at a particular time or kind of what schedule you're on. >> reporter: of course, much has been made of those free tickets and better view they'll
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afford you of the pope on the parkway. world meeting officials are making clear the papal parade francis riding through the crowd like you see here along the parkway will give lots of folks a close-up view of the pontiff even if they do not have ticke tickets. >> for those who have experienced an audience in rome when the pope greets people at the vatican in saint peter's square and then goes out into the crowd which is what we're talking about here with the papal parade. all i can tell you is that this type of grade is one of the most joyful moving and incredible experiences you can be part of. >> reporter: having seen it a couple of times at the vatican i had agree. city officials say recent efforts by septa to expand service into the city for the big weekend have greatly reduced the walking distance they've been warning us about, and with occupancy rates still below 70%, center city hotels appear to have learned their lesson. they're dropping rates and in most cases eliminating those multi night minimum stays.
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finally, signs warning of towing zones in the secure area will go up next monday the 14th. ignore them at your peril. go to our website fox we'll link to you all the latest information. ladies? >> all right, certainly is a lot of information, thank you, bru bruce. a bensalem man is in the hospital tonight after his family says he was left to die in the middle of the street. right now 22-year-old robert scott is still in the hospital. emergency crews found him on brown avenue back on augus august 24th and police think he was hit by a car because he has so many broken bones. his family offering a thousand dollars reward to help catch whoever did this. >> nine broken ribs out of 12, um, pelvis broken -- shattered, um, broken leg, he only had so much more time before he would have died. did he a lot of crying because,
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um, he's upset. he doesn't know what happened. has no idea. >> so sad. family has set up a fund for more information on how you can help go to to our website fox and if you know anything about this accident give bensalem police a call. fox 29 investigators has new information on a garden state bankruptcy lawyer accused of taking clients money but not filing their cases. those clients are now helping prosecutors build a case against him by testifying before a grand jury. jeff cole is in the newsroom with the latest on the story he first brought us a few months ago. >> jeff. >> grand jury underway. his name is philip f. drink water the third. fox 29 investigators has learned five of his former clients went before the panel wednesday in gloucester county testifying that they paid the pitman attorney thousands to handle bankruptcies. clients say he not only failed to file their cases, but didn't refund their money drinkwater claims that a major depressive event and anxiety forced gnome
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stop practicing. trustee was app pointed to handle his law offices finances. he also claims someone stole from him. now authorities are taking a hard look at whether he broke the law. in may we found drinkwater in the hills of pennsylvania and asked him about some vice clients say that he gave them. >> did you tell people to stop paying their mortgages? significantly hurt them. >> it was -- i -- >> you have said enough. >> i can't answer all your questions. >> i don't need a court in bankruptcy. how much money did you take, sir? >> okay. i don't have -- >> drinkwater wife talking. supreme court of new jersey dressed drinkwater to disability inactive status opening the door to possible client refunds. they certainly need their money. but some say they've even come close to or lost their hom homes because of bankruptcy delays. we'll continues to track this case again a grand jury is wor working here and bring ugh the
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latest. i'm jeff cole. lucy. >> thank you, jeff. honoring some of the men and women who died in one of the darkest days in us history. just a short drive away. why so many say it's painful but they've got to go. >> and this colorful insect may look harmless enough. but one local county is warning you not to let your eyes deceive you. what they want you to do in the fight against this tiny enemy. howard? >> the eagles they may their opening game on monday night. hear from one of the new players and how he expects to fit in but big story is the phillies firing of the general manager ruben amaro. hear from the phillies new president andy mc phail on his decision coming up in sports.
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♪ this little insect has put a berks county township under quarantine one of now eight in the county. state officials say they spotted the lanternfly in long swamp township and that's why they're asking people not to move fire
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wood, yard waste or anything else kept outside until they lift the warranty. going to be little bit. insect arrived in the united states for the first time last fall. it is a native to chain narks india, japan and vietnam. >> day ahead of the 14th anniversary of the deadly 9/11 attack new visitor center opens to pay tribute to the victims of the united flight 93. hundreds of people turning out for the dedication of the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. that document the horrick events leading up to the deadly crash using photos, video, artifacts and interactive displays. the memorial and visitors center honors the 40 victims who died in that grassy field. >> it's difficult coming back. we have to relive the horror of the day, the loss of our loved ones, but knowing that there's a site where people can come and learn about the individuals and their collective actions and learn about the history of the day, there's a sense of satisfaction knowing that their story will be preserved here.
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>> after the ceremony, families who lost a loved one on flight 93 were first to enter the new complex. the $26 million building was paid for by donors as well as state and federal funds. 10% of new jersey's students from kindergarten threw 12th grade are chronicled ab accept from school and risk falling behind in their education from a new report from the group advocates for children of new jersey. researchers studied say the data on excused and unexcused absences among public school students for the 2013-2014 school year. about 125,000 students missed at least 18 days of school or 10% of class days. the group says that students who missed that much school are at risk of falling behind. and back to your fox 29 weather authority. kind of a wild and day out there. drenching rains, flash flooding. >> depends upon where you were. but isn't people got hit hard. >> you being one of them. i was grateful my garden got watered, scott.
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>> the plants are certainly happy out there but we saw a lot of heavy rainfall early this morning and we're not done yet. take a look what the to expect this evening. more scattered downpours. so if you encounter flooded roadways don't drive through it just find a different way to go or just stay indoors until the rain passes. we're looking it tapering off by late clock name watch out for ponding on the roads as well as run off. we still have a flash flood watch in effect for much of the area through 8:00 o'clock tonight for the downpours and as we look at ultimate doppler right now, you can see we're not done with the rainfall another batch still moving through the area right now from the west right on top of the philadelphia area, i-95 as we zoom in a little closer where you see yellow as well as the orange, around tredyffrin we're looking at downpours rainfall rates there one to 2-inches per hour and take look at parts of south jersey. delaware we're looking at moderate to heavy rainfall moving back in after an afternoon lull. so here's the clock right now. you can see we're still wet
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across the area. by 7:00 o'clock more of the same and then after about 8:00 o'clock that rain starts to really taper off and get out of here as that system pulls away to the east. behind it some drier air, cooler air will be moving in to greet you by your friday morning. take look at potential additional rainfall rates on average another one perhaps even 3-inches for sections of burlington as well as ocean county. the heat wave it's over. 81 degrees that was the high temperature today. as we take look at conditions right now at the philadelphia international airport still socked in with the clouds. last i check we're looking at over two hour airport delays. humidity up at about 90%. temperatures pretty much rain cooled north and west in the upper 60s we have mid 70s for much of the area as you move east of i-95. so for tonight, those showers taper after about eight, 9:00 o'clock. leftover clouds. temperatures into the 60s. tomorrow drying out, 84 degrees will be the high temperature and then as we move toward the
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upcoming weekend, another system tries to move in saturday afternoon and evening. 92 early sunday. maybe a few more showers moving in but temperatures on sunday in the upper 70s and then really comfortable and dry as we start early next week and then we start to warm things up a bit going back above average by the latter part of the week. with temperatures in the mid maybe even upper 80s. >> so enjoy. >> quite a roller coaster. >> yes. >> heat wave is over. >> good. >> we're happy. >> downward roller coaster for the phillies. >> i want to know by tonight what it will be for the dallas game the home opener for the eagles. that's your homework assignment. (laughter). >> the phillies hey stair that's right to go make changes in the front office. the gm ruben amaro gone today but surprising one of the reasons much that's coming up in sports.
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let's clear the air.
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♪ >> two months ago the phillies named a new president that would be andy mc phail coming out of retirement after 2.5 years today the next step in the changing face of the phillies. ruben a amaro, jr. was fire as the gm of the phillies. mc phail decided two days ago and the search for a new gm starts today. this was amaro's seventh year as the phillies general manager. he had been the assistant gm for 10 years previous to that. the phillies record declined ever season since they lost in
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the playoffs back in 2011. mull pell reasons and the heat of the ownership group john middleton said the fans played a part. >> all of us in this room really exist because of fans. i mean if the fans didn't buy tickets and fans didn't watch tv, nobody in this room at this moment would have a job. so they are critical to all sports organizations including the phillies, and what they think is important to us. >> reporter: so fan pressure was part of that then? >> we were certainly aware of the fans feelings. absolute. >> i intend to look at wide spectrum of candidates. it would be a mistake we pigeon hole ourselves we're going to for young analytic or experienced baseball guy. >> a day closer to the start of the eagles season playing monday night in at land tam there's so many new pieces to this team. one of the new players in the back field, demarco murray he led the lead in carries and rushing yards with dallas. this year he'll have less carries sharing the load. lesean mccoy the big mouth said
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murray is not one of the top backs in the league. murray's response -- >> sometimes you got to move on with your life and career and, you know, never worry about someone else says about me, good, bad, ugly. i can always control what i can control. i can't control what someone else says about me. >> hey, take your name out of my mouth lesean and that would be demarco mur reach fans lost explosion of fantasy football. it's crazy the players bet on other players on other teams in fantasy eagles draft apparently was today. malcolm jenkins you're on the clock. >> give me one second. i got to make a fantasy pick real quick. sorry. >> who are you taking. >> adrian peterson. >> wait a minute. you got to root for him and he can compete against the eagles for a play off spot in the same conference much. >> that's not it that's just not right. >> yeah. howard this is true. >> thank you very much. always for the insight. love that. and you, sir, have also had very busy day. you've had a busy day with what's going on with the
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phillies ungot the weather going on. >> we talked about it yesterday. still dealing with the heavy rainfall moving in. we need the rain but the problem is the ground was really dry. so we're still getting a lot of run off across the area as we look at ultimate doppler right now. for the remain of your evening we're talking scattered downpours out there. the heaviest of the rain will start to taper off after about 8:00 o'clock tonight. and then some cooler air is going to be moving in. but there's another chance maybe for more rain for a part of your weekend. we'll update that of course tonight at 10. >> all right. >> thanks very much. be sure to tune into fox 29 news at 10. graffiti plastered all officer this house. neighbors say they can't even let their children walk by. why police say there's absolutely nothing they can do about it and that's coming up tonight at 10. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. see you back here at 10. have a great night. thanks for watching. inside edition is up next.
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>> groom to the reese cue. >> somebody call 911. >> jumping out of the wedding toast to save a choking guest. who would have imagined on their special day, this would happen. >> somebody call 911 right now. >> then, donald trump does it again. storm over what he said about carly fiorina. >> i probably did say that about carly. >> and partying at the u.s. open. but not for this tennis star. >> body slammed by cops on the streets of new york city. >> put me on the ground and told me to turn over and shut my mouth and put the cuffs on me. >> plus, hidden treasure. we're going all over america. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, wow. >> this butcher is owed a fortune. and he didn't even know it.


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